press reviews Assia Davidov

 Gratas voces femeninas

„…  the soprano Assia Davidov has charisma… with the natural richness of her voice and her stage presence …” (“Aida”, La Nacion)

“… Assia Davidov showed her dazzling vocal abilities…” (“Aida”, Malaga)

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 “Especially worth mentioning is the soprano Assia Davidov …” (“Aida”, Madrid) NOTICIAS HAGAZELAMUSICA


„Aída Monumental Ópera“ se presenta en España 

“…  the highlight of the whole evening was the Uzbek soprano Assia Davidov. She heartbreakingly interpreted the beautiful Nile Aria. Her vocal and dramatic abilities reached a high point of excellence in the duet with her father, Amonasro (Nikolay Nekrasov) Marcelo Arce – Apreciación Musical -San Isidro

 “ the entire  production of Aida, with its special effects, and the Uzbek soprano Assia Davidov  in the role of Aida were wonderful. “ (“Aida”, Dario Prieto) J.L.E. – Santiago  

„………especially captivating was the vocal and theatrical performance of Assia Davidov (Aida), leaving nothing to be desired“ 

“… The Uzbek Sopran Assia Davidov as Aida and the Columbian Tenor Ernesto Grisales as Radames were excellent … long applause was the reward for an inspiring performance…”

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 Frankfurter Nachrichten

 …Assia Davidov as Micaela made use of her warm timbre of the highest

 APA – Austria Presseagentur

 …as Mimi, Assia Davidov let her delightful soprano bloom…

 …The hearts of the audience fly towards Assia Davidov,
 she bestows electrifying charm on Rosalinde…


 Tales of Hoffmann

 .magnificent singer in four female roles..was once more outstanding with
 a briliant singing and theatrical performance…

 Süddeutsche Zeitung

 …as Norma she is sufficiently dramatic to fill the expressive
 passages with substantial timbre.

Furthermore she has the ability to make her voice tender and gentle to
 transform the slightest nuances and every spiritual ornament with a
 smooth glow and with a glittering clearness to the notes…


 …This D. Anna found her charismatic embodiment in Assia Davidov. Not
 only in the moments of passion, torn between love and morality, but also
 in the demure passages her brilliant soprano had the power to

 Wien Wirtschaftswoche

 …Assia Davidov not only sings the title-role (Violetta) marvelously
 but she also acts skillfully as well…


 …Assia Davidov’s magnificent Aida has a lovely voice in all
 registers..her full presence and enthusiasm on stage shows this
 singer as an interesting artistic personality…